Mcdavid Arm Sleeve Review

Sports are as old as mankind and where sports are a great source of entertainment there is a great risk of injuries as well. We often see players getting injuries sometimes minor and sometime major. With the passage of time professionals have developed accessories for the players in order to prevent them from these injuries and help them perform at their peak levels. If we look around we see the sports stars and pros wearing an accessory on their arms, which usually covers their arms from the biceps to the wrists.

Back in 2000/2001 a famous basketball player Allen Iverson wore an arm sleeve after going through an elbow surgery. The compression of the arm sleeve kept his muscles and elbow flexible and warm, reducing the chance of more injuries. Iverson enjoyed the great relief of the arm sleeve and he continued its use for many seasons. This continuous use of the arm sleeve by a pro made it a fashion statement and arm sleeves became sports gear. Today watch any basketball game you will see arm sleeve everywhere. This trend spilled over different other sports as well and now it is a highly worn sports accessory.

Arm sleeves are getting popular day by day. Analyzing its growing demand many companies have hopped into its manufacturing. Among all these manufacturers the oldest and top of the line company is McDavid.

 McDavid arm sleeve

McDavid arm sleeve comes with a latest and unique technology and this is the reason it is standing out of the crowd. It has many advantages over others, some worth mentioning here are:

  • It is made of 80% nylon, 20% spandex and polyethylene foam.
  • There is hDc™ Moisture Management Technology which keeps it cool and dry.
  • It has 9mm Hex technology positioned right at the elbow to provide optimum prevention against injury.
  • Its arm compression retains muscle warmth and help prevents scratches.
  • Along with all these features it is machine washable/dryable.

We often hear the question “What in the world does a McDavid arm sleeve do?”

No single answer can be given for this question. Players are using it around the world and they have their individual needs and reasons to wear it. Among a huge number of reasons the most common reasons of its usage are:

  • It helps increase the flow of the blood in the arm and provide the wearer immense flexibility.
  • It provides over the top prevention against almost all minor and several major arm injuries.
  • Many players, who have tattoos on their arms use McDavid arm sleeve to hide these tattoos in a stylish manner.
  • It adds colors to the sport costume and makes the look cooler.

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